The library of the abbey in 1472

The collection of manuscripts in the library is described in a catalogue which was written in 1472 by Pierre de Virey, abbot of Clairvaux. The library preserves two copies of that catalogue (ms.2299 and ms.521). It contains 1790 volumes, among which 1115 are exactly identified and located in several European libraries.

The Mediatheque de l’Agglomération Troyenne is in charge of preserving 1018 of the volumes described in the catalogue. 97 manuscripts are also preserved outside Troyes.

As it was in use everywhere, the books of the library were stored in several places in the monastery. The liturgical books were either in the church; those which were publicly read during the meals were preserved in the refectory; the most important part of the collection was in the convent, either in the armarium (a large recess dug into a wall which was possibly doubled by a wooden coffer), or in the library itself (libraria).
The catalogue of 1472 specifies that there were two cabinets at Clairvaux. The library of the convent was a small room adjoining the sacristy as it is indicated in the plan of 1708.